History of NACHA

Incorporated in 1986

The Northern Alberta Co-operative Housing Association (NACHA) was incorporated in 1986 to serve the needs of housing co-operatives in and around the Edmonton area. NACHA provides on going support and educational services to its member housing co-operatives.

Since 1986 NACHA has grown to be an invaluable resource for housing co-ops throughout the region and an important voice in the national cooperative movement. NACHA offers its members a tremendous resource and important voice locally and nationally. By working together, members can provide a wide range of services for themselves that would not be available to them individually.

NACHA maintains a comprehensive member services program and offers extensive managerial and administrative assistance to member co-ops. We also provide “value added” services such as our Bulk Purchase and investment pool programs.

Each of our member co-ops is an independent organization. We respect the autonomy and support the democratic functioning of each co-op. NACHA is linked to other housing co-operatives, resource groups and federations through membership in the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHFC) and the Alberta Community & Co-operative Association (ACCA).