CASA Housing Services

Mission, Mandate & Values

CASA Housing Services delivers customized administrative services to housing co-ops by developing meaningful partnerships with our clients. We provide the services – you keep your autonomy and responsibility for decision-making.

CASA staff are co-op housing experts in financial, membership and maintenance and administration responsibilities in housing co-ops. We know co-ops! We live in housing co-ops ourselves and have served on the board and committees of our respective co-ops for many years. We understand the challenges faced by volunteers who live and run co-ops.


In 1994, the members of NACHA created CASA Housing Services, Inc., to deliver affordable operational support for Edmonton and area co-ops. The formation of CASA addressed the growing problem of volunteer stress and burnout, lack of member skills such as bookkeeping, and lack of time for members to tackle issues such as vacancy loss and long-range planning. CASA supplies services that address these problems and frees up members’ time. CASA provides services for co-op people by co-op people. It was formed to meet the needs of co-ops that want specific co-op services tailored to suit their needs. CASA is wholly owned by NACHA.

What CASA Housing Services can do for your co-op

CASA delivers for-feeservices in the following areas: financial, maintenance, membership and administration. Here’s what we provide:

Financial — CASA can

Maintenance – CASA can

Membership – CASA can

Administration – CASA can


Contact us:      102, 12120-106 Avenue, Edmonton, AB  T5N 0Z2

Phone               780-482-2613

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