Cooperatives Act

The Alberta Cooperatives Act (Act) governs all types of cooperatives except utility cooperatives and credit unions. A wide range of traditional cooperatives operate in Alberta and each offers a different service to its members. These include retail, transportation, breeder, feeder, seed cleaning, grazing and marketing cooperatives. There are also specialty cooperatives for housing and employment, and multi-stakeholder and new generation cooperatives, which have additional requirements.

The Cooperatives Regulation has been adopted on a general basis so it can be customized to suit the varying needs of all types of cooperatives. Some sections specify that articles or by-laws may make other provisions, keeping in mind good business practices and the cooperative principles.

The Act sets out specific guidelines and procedures that must be adhered to. However, it does allow for some variance by giving cooperatives the option of being more elaborate or restrictive, depending on the type of entity. The Act outlines details including the legal responsibilities of cooperatives, procedures for incorporation, roles and responsibilities of members, officers and directors, penalties for violation and procedures for dissolution.

The Director of Cooperatives is appointed under Part 15, Division I of the Act. The Director is responsible for administering Alberta’s cooperative legislation. The Director can be reached at:

Alberta Government Services
Consumer Services & Land Titles Division
3 rd Floor, Commerce Place
10155-102 St.
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4L4
Telephone: (780) 427-5210
Fax: (780) 427-3033

For a copy of the Cooperatives Act and Regulations,
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A summary of the legislation can also be found on Alberta Government Services’ website at

Unless otherwise specified, the information below refers to cooperatives governed by the Cooperatives Act.