Is CO-OP Housing right for you?

Co-operative Housing - More than a Home


The Northern Alberta Co-operative Housing Association (NACHA) is a federation of Housing Co-operatives. We provide a variety of services to our membership and to the public who are interested in finding out more about cooperative housing.

We offer a variety of information/resources including a monthly public information session that can assist families in becoming members of a housing cooperative project.



How to Apply to a Co-op

Edmonton area co-ops have very long waiting lists.  You can expect anywhere from a 3 month to 5 year wait for a vacancy.  Please be aware that not all co-ops have subsidies available.

  1. Attend a mandatory information session.
  2. Select co-ops of interest from the co-op listing.
  3. Apply to each co-op individually following their specific application process

Note: NACHA is not involved in the placement of families in its member housing co-ops.



Community Solar Projects: Options to go Solar

Join us for this FREE event, on Saturday, January 25 from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm at Edmonton’s Food Bank Annex for a discussion that will show you the options available to go Solar and be more energy efficient.

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We will be discussing the options that affordable housing providers can utilize to reduce their carbon footprint and utility costs.  You will learn about utility-tie solar systems, the steps needed to develop a project and options for future investment opportunities.  The workshop will also include a design work group looking into developing Community Benefit Agreements.  This event is for affordable housing providers, community groups and anyone interested in developing a community or individual solar project.

This event is hosted by Solar Power Investment Cooperative of Edmonton (SPICE).  You can learn more about SPICE at their website.

For more information on this workshop and to register, check out the Eventbrite.  Hope to see you there!



Telus PureFibre Upgrade

Is your internet too slow? What can you do to make it faster? One option to improve internet services is via Telus’ PureFibre technology. We know that sounds like a great idea but what’s the cost the co-op. That’s the beauty of the offer, Telus will absorb 100% of the cost.

To help you make a decision we have provided you with a variety of information.  You can find all the details here.

If your co-op is interested, consider inviting a Telus representative to your Board Meeting to answer any questions you may have.


NACHA Member Information

NACHA Foudation for the Future Meetings

We announced our 2020 – 2025 Strategic Plan at the General Meeting back in November and now we are ready to hear what NACHA can do for you.  We would like the opportunity to come sit down with your co-op and fill out a survey about what support, education, information and services NACHA can provide to you in the coming years.

We will be holding meetings from January 2, 2020 to April 30, 2020 for a minimum of 30 minutes.  If you would like us to spot by during your Board meeting or if you would like to select a different time for us to meet we would be happy to accommodate any type of meeting you would prefer.  Additionally if you would like to meet for more than 30 minutes we would be happy to chat for longer.

If you are interested in setting up one of these meetings, please fill out this form to select a date that will work best for your co-op or your Board of Directors to meet with NACHA.  If you have any questions about this program, feel free to send us an email at We look forward to meeting with you to discuss our partnership!



NACHA Strategic Plan at a Glance

At the 2019 NACHA General Meeting and Fall Education Event we released the NACHA 2020 – 2025 Strategic Plan.  You can take a look at the main points of the Strategic Plan here.