Telus PureFibre Upgrade

Is your internet too slow? What can you do to make it faster? One option to improve internet services is via Telus’ PureFibre technology. We know that sounds like a great idea but what’s the cost the co-op. That’s the beauty of the offer, Telus will absorb 100% of the cost.

To help you make a decision we have provided you with:

The NACHA Flyer is a quick summary of the information that Telus communicated with regard to the benefits of the Telus PureFibre. Telus has also advised that there are generally three steps to the upgrade:

  1. Signed right of entry. This is an understanding of the principals that Telus would like to proceed with and demonstrates a desire to move forward with the upgrade.  This step will put your building into the workflow.  They cannot advise when the Telus  team would be able to start on step 2.  It could be up to a couple years. Signing the ROE will put the property into the workflow to produce a proposal and assist in prioritizing the property.
  2. Walk through. An project manager would visit to do a walk through to assess the property and consult on how they would like to proceed with the  installation and present you with a proposal.  If the property review and installation proposal is acceptable to you, the build would start shortly after.
  3. Upgrade. Telus would then proceed with the upgrade after completing suite access permissions to install a face plate to terminate the optics in each suite.

If your co-op is interested, consider inviting a Telus representative to your Board Meeting to answer any questions you may have.

NACHA can help to begin the introduction to the Telus Representative. Someone from your Board will need to send us an email expressing the co-op’s interest, which will include a contact person and either their email address or their phone number. We will pass the information to our Telus Rep and they will find someone to attend your meeting.

Send us an email at if you would like to set up a meeting!