ACCA Youth Leadership Camp

ACCA Youth Leadership Camp

ACCA’s Co-operative Youth Leadership Program provides an opportunity for your children to develop their leadership and teamwork skills. It is designed to give them the independence and confidence in their abilities while creating lasting friendships.

The 7-day programs take place at the Goldeye Centre, located near Nordegg, Alberta. The beautiful remote setting provides the perfect environment for your children to build friendships, discover hidden talents, learn new skills, gain a positive view of the world, and contribute to their future.




“I hadn’t realized the effect that camp would have on my life going forward. I’ve gained so many friends, some of which I thought I wouldn’t end up seeing again. We formed our own community and supported each other through all the challenges and activities we faced at Goldeye. We learned about the co-op model and formed committees to benefit our community with our own talents. We learned about leadership through team-building activities, public speaking, individual activities, and self-esteem building sessions. We also do all the fun things at a summer camp like canoeing, rock climbing, campfires, archery, etc.

I will go back to be a counsellor for my third time this summer and I can’t wait! I would highly recommend the opportunity to participate in the program to any youth as it’s changed my life and there is honestly something for everyone!”

Josh Inniss, Program Participant, Volunteer Staff Member
Brittany Lane Housing Co-op Youth


If you would like Josh to give a presentation and come speak to your members about the ACCA Co-op Youth Leadership Program, please send your request to or call 780-482-6128.

Please visit the ACCA Youth Leadership Program web page for more information.