Community Generation Incubator

Community Generation Incubator



Is your co-op thinking about starting a Community Generation project?

This ACCA free 2-day event will give your co-op a rough and ready idea of project feasibilty

If your co-op is interested, please visit the Community Generation Incubator website or review the Community Generation Incubator PDF to learn more about the program.

To register, please contact Robert Henry or Seth Leon:

Robert J. Henry PEng MBA
Program Specialist
Peters Energy Solutions Inc.
PH: 403-813-4573

Seth Leon MDE
Manager of Co-operative Services
Alberta Community and Co-operative Association (ACCA)
PH: 587-216-2144

During the registeration you can also apply for a Project Candidate Assessment and Development Coaching Call. This initial consultation will be used to identify project possibilities and key data to qualify the opportunity, identify fatal flaws, and determine project potential at a qualitative level.