CMHC Funding Opportunities

CMHC Funding Opportunities

Housing Co-operatives come in many forms, and CMHC offers a variety of programs and resources to support the diverse needs of Co-ops across the country.

By taking the lead role in the delivery of Canada’s first-ever National Housing Strategy, CMHC administers a number of funding programs to assist Co-ops in undertaking long-term operating and maintenance planning, repair & renewal projects, as well as new construction activities supporting the expansion or development of Housing Co-operatives across Canada.

Further, as Canada’s authority on housing, CMHC’s resource library includes information on a wide range of topics including:

  • Co-operative & Membership roles and responsibilities;
  • Provincial and Territorial regulations;
  • rent/fee collection; and 
  • administrative/maintenance practices.

We are encouraging your co-op to take advantage of the various CMHC Housing Solutions such as the Preservation Funding for Community Housing, Seed Funding (for co-ops out of their operating agreement) and the National Housing Co-Investment Fund. We would love to see all 34 co-ops take advantage of the funding opportunities to help improve our housing co-op structure.

There are a variety of studies that you can apply for. Ten co-ops have already been approved and have received approximately $217,000 to conduct studies such as Energy Audits, Refinancing Analysis, Asset Management Plan, Building Foundation etc. Once their studies have been completed, these co-ops will be in a position to apply for the Co-investment Fund and obtain further funding to improve the condition and life of their housing co-op buildings, which will translate to better member satisfaction.

Don’t let this funding opportunity pass you by! NACHA and the Agency are available to help you navigate the requirements. You can also contact Kyle Taylor of Casa Housing Services (587-487-4397) if your co-op is interested in making an application for one of the CMHC Housing Solutions.