National Housing Strategy Update

National Housing Strategy Update

On May 8, CMHC hosted a free event to educate our housing co-ops members on how to navigate the National Housing Strategy and its components.  CMHC and the Agency presented information to help housing co-op members develop a better understanding of how to apply for grants to repair and maintain the units.  This was a great opportunity as those in attendance learned about the:

The event was well attended and was also a great opportunity for housing co-op members to get answers to their questions; discover how they can use those programs to help repair and preserve their units, discuss the challenges they had encountered; learn potential solutions to their issues and make important contacts.

Both CMHC and the Agency have made their PowerPoint Presentations available for you to reference.

CMHC National Housing Strategy Presentation May 8 2019

CMHC Preservation Funding Application Guide

If your co-op is would like assistance in applying for Preservation Funding or Seed Funding, please contact Casa at 780-482-2613.

Please contact Liane Dagenais at if you have any questions about the National Housing  Strategy.